Track, measure & control your asset recovery campaigns with i-TRAC™

i-TRAC Logoi-TRAC™ – our exclusive telecom asset management reporting portal – is a secure and powerful online platform that gives you complete control and visibility over your technology assets inventory in real-time from any location worldwide.

Developed in response to customer demand for a more transparent audit trail, i-TRAC™ makes telecom inventory management simple with historical data, project status, sales, customer call-backs and resale revenue information presented to you in real-time.

Driven directly from TXO’s internal ERP system, customers can track individual telecoms network equipment parts as they progress through operations to the final point of sale.

Projects can be added as unique one-off asset resale campaigns or can be used as a group-wide asset disposal solution across multiple countries or regions. Customers typically have multiple projects tracked through from the first part being booked-in to the last sale being made. Multinational corporations with a group structure and multiple operating companies can utilise this for each entity, maximising control and visibility at both the local and global level. Access can be controlled centrally or spread across all entities, according to client instruction.

The easy-to-use telecom asset management reporting interface provides detailed financial summaries and graphical management reports, allowing planners and engineers to locate parts for re-use along with allowing finance and procurement teams to track and measure all asset resale campaigns.


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Telecom inventory management & telecom asset tracking

The i-TRAC™ asset tracking and reporting software underpins every aspect of the TXO Systems asset recovery and inventory management service, allowing clients to track telecom assets and make intelligent decisions when disposing of assets by providing transparency across reverse supply chains. The software supports our customers’ environmental goals by tracking every part to the end of its service life – with a documented audit trail to help maintain control and compliance.


The benefits of i-TRAC™ telecom asset management reporting

  • Full tracking functionality – every item is tracked from beginning to end, providing complete transparency and control over your asset recovery projects
  • Helps you evaluate inventory on a company-wide basis so that you can redeploy network assets to other locations and determine the best method of disposition
  • Projects can be one-offs or an ongoing group-wide series of projects, reflected individually under a group account
  • Controlled access permissions specified by our customers ensure that the right executives see the right information
  • Further customer information such as Oracle or SAP codes can be added for planner flexibility and ease of call-backs
  • Customer dashboard provides detailed equipment lists allowing you to identify all items by manufacturer’s part number, serial number or project
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) and reporting can be customised to suit your business or partners’ requirements
  • Keeps your data secure – a completely secure HTTPS password-protected platform, accessible by authorised users only
  • Helps you save costs and generate income by avoiding the expense of purchasing telecoms network equipment that you already own and by reselling surplus inventory to other end users


To find out more about what i-TRAC™ can do for you, please contact us to discuss your asset recovery reporting requirements.