It is a fact that due to the global nature of the telecoms operators’ business they will have equipment in locations that are not easily accessible from head office and where the operator is unable or unwilling to deploy their own people. With TXO Systems’ remote hands at your service, the operator can outsource routine maintenance tasks, especially equipment decommissioning and physical uplift services, freeing up your team to focus on the more strategic areas of your operations.

TXO Systems offers remote hands service capability throughout the UK, Europe, in the US and Brazil. For some customers, this service alone fulfils their requirements. For others, they choose to combine with asset recovery to generate cash. This is a fully managed service by our project management experts.


Remote Hands Service Benefits

  • Increased manpower for day-to-day technical tasks
  • Freedom to focus on strategic operations
  • Enhanced productivity among in-house staff
  • Coverage in the UK, Europe, US and Brazil
  • Option to combine with asset recovery to generate cash


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