24/7 NOC & ‘out of hours’ network monitoring services

Here at TXO, we’re passionate about operating a secure Network Operations Centre (NOC) that gives our clients the network monitoring visibility they demand whilst also quickly pinpointing the root cause of problems before they can impact the availability of vital services.

Our NOC is operational 24/7/365 and relied upon by our clients who include critical communications providers in both public and private sectors. Our flexible NOC services include:

  • Ticket & incident management
  • Fault find & diagnosis
  • Dispatch of field engineer (where required)
  • Production of detailed performance reporting for our clients

Let us help you avoid extended downtime, loss of revenue and reduced productivity – all at a fraction of the cost of building your own 24/7 NOC. Whether you need our ‘always on’ support solutions or a flexible ‘out-of-hours’ service, we are here to provide as much, or as little support as you need.


With security in mind, entry to our NOC is card swipe controlled, with only authorised persons having access. Our NOC services are run by our team of experienced personnel who have UK security check (SC) accreditation. Our entire operation falls under the remit of ISO 27001 which covers data handling and security.

Certified & experienced

We are capable of monitoring all types of telecom networks including microwave, optical and IP.

Monitoring & dashboards

Our NOC is driven by Paessler PRTG software which is highly rated by Gartner for network performance and monitoring. Maps and dashboards from this system are displayed on large screens within our NOC to ensure network topology is clear for the purposes of fault detection and resolution.

Extensive reporting

Our NOC clients receive monthly reporting according to their needs. All the usual parameters are available such as unavailable seconds (UAS), etc.

Responsive engineering support

Our NOC is integrated with our customer service desk to ensure that should an event occur, a ticket is raised immediately, an engineer is assigned, the client is notified of the status and the incident is managed appropriately according to SLA and following ITIL (IT infrastructure library) guidelines.

Proactive approach

We take a proactive rather than reactive view and therefore measure system and network element health over time so that preventative intervention can be planned before defects arise. We are here to help. For more information please contact a member of our team.