According to a recent Gartner report entitled Market Guide for IT Asset Disposition, technological and regulatory changes are forcing the traditional ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) service providers to re-think their business models.

However, the report finds that the most important aspects of ITAD remain the sanitization of data bearing equipment (HDD’s and so on) as well as properly compliant environmental recycling. In addition, as the Internet of Things (IoT) actually becomes a reality then correspondingly ITAD must catch up in order to process the disposition of connected devices as and when they are removed from service. These devices pose a significant risk because of the data stored within them. To put this into focus, some commentators have suggested that by 2020 there will be 20 billion devices connected to the internet (source: NANOG 69).

For these reasons the selection of a properly qualified ITAD partner is essential for corporates wishing to protect themselves from reputation (brand) damage and other compliance risks. TXO Systems helps with IT asset disposition by allowing customers to sell end-of-life networking equipment assets in order to maximize their ROI on network hardware, and is already providing ITAD services to a range of clients in the Telecoms, Retail and Data Centre industries.


How can TXO assist you with an ITAD solution?

TXO’s ITAD solution encompasses the following credentials:

  • De-installation i.e. physical removal of hardware (and software) from its present location.
  • AATF status with the relevant Local Authority which means that waste material can be transported and processed legally and in compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Data wiping/sanitization arrangements in place utilising the highly regarded Blancco System. This service includes laptops, PCs and also server arrays and loose drives. Not only does the sanitization meet relevant standards but most importantly it is certificated – read more about the importance of securely erasing data here.
  • Physical destruction (shredding) of data bearing elements, taking place at TXO’s location or using mobile shredding equipment onsite at the customers’ premises, with the production of a certificate of destruction.
  • Remarketing/resale. Where permitted it can make the difference between the client making a payment for services and receiving a share of surplus revenue after the costs have been offset, making it a cost-neutral project.
  • Recycling in an ethical and legally compliant manner, ensuring minimal waste and maximum recovery can help your organisation to meet its circular economy goals.


If you are thinking about upgrading your telecom or IT network, or you’ve already upgraded and are considering what to do with your old hardware, get in touch with our team.