Secure data wiping and destruction is essential in order to maintain the security of clients’ data and to protect your brand. In relation to hard disk drives (HDD), TXO has a range of certified data wiping and data destruction solutions and documented procedures on offer according to client instruction.


What are the options for HDD shredding and destruction?

  • For some, HDD and other storage media must be destroyed on-site. In this case, TXO arranges for a mobile shredding vehicle to attend at your premises. Destruction takes place in situ and TXO generates a certificate of data destruction with a detailed asset register by part code and serial number.
  • For others, it is acceptable for the HDD shredding and destruction to take place off-site. In this case, material is collected in a secure vehicle, the devices are catalogued by part code and serial number and then physically shredded to 30mm fractions.
  • The HDD shredding process completely destroys the drive platters, mechanisms, and the electronic components rendering the data unrecoverable. An itemised certificate of data destruction will be issued for your further assurance.


Securely erase data with Blancco data wiping services

For those who would prefer to securely erase data from hard drive devices, as opposed to destroying them, there is a commercial case to wipe HDD data in order to reuse, or resell the equipment. This process is often referred to as HDD secure data erasure.

Where the client approves this option TXO will wipe HDD using the industry leading Blancco data erasure software which meets the UK government standard of INFOSEC 5 (higher). It allows TXO to provide certified evidence that the HDD or array has been completely wiped and is safe for redeployment.

This service can be provided on-site at your premises or off-site at our secure facility.

  • With on-site data erasure, our engineers can attend your premises and wipe drives in situ. Your personnel are able to witness and monitor the entire operation.
  • If required for off-site services, we can scan the details of your hard drives at point of collection so that the serial numbers can be reconciled with the documentation provided by the erasure software. That way you can be certain that every disk has been erased.


What are the advantages of HDD data wiping or destruction?

There are several compliance benefits associated with certified HDD data wiping and destruction including:

  • Prevention of leakage of clients’ data, organisation’s classified information and monetary data.
  • Assuring protection from data theft and incorrect or irresponsible destruction of your HDD.
  • To keep compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legal framework.
  • Avert financial penalties due to the incorrect disposal of your or your organisation’s hard disk drives.
  • Wiped hard drives are almost always reusable within your own organisation; alternatively you may wish to resell your HDD, which we will be pleased to assist with.


Data wiping and GDPR

With the General Data Protection Regulation legal framework implemented on May 25th 2018, the protection of personal data is imperative for all companies. Read our article on the importance of data erasure to ensure GDPR compliance for more information. For additional peace of mind TXO holds ISO 27001 certification which is an international management standard relating to information security – please visit our certifications & memberships page for details.


More information

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