When buying telecoms network equipment for your company it’s always a good idea to consider buying refurbished equipment. Here are seven reasons why you should.

1. Save money and get great value

One of the most obvious reasons for purchasing refurbished telecoms network equipment is the low cost when compared to new. By buying refurbished telecoms network equipment, you can find yourself pocketing savings that average between 60–90% less than the OEM’s list price, depending on the series and manufacturer of the product, as well as the available supply. However, cost isn’t the only reason why you should consider purchasing refurbished products.

2. OEM-grade quality

We sell mobile and fixed line telecoms infrastructure of the highest possible quality. Every item is put through a full cosmetic cleaning and refurbishment process in our state-of-the-art facility before being approved for sale as an OEM-grade refurbished product. We are also fully ISO 9001 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, validating the quality of our processes and parts. Any product that doesn’t meet our high standards won’t go out the door.

3. Warranty

Our comprehensive warranty policy is another reason why there’s no downside to purchasing refurbished products from us. It means if something goes wrong with a refurbished product, we will offer you a free replacement, subject to terms and conditions.

4. Repair avoidance

We can help you calculate the overall cost of downtime caused by waiting for an OEM repair, and compare that cost to sourcing a refurbished spare.

5. Shorter lead time

One of the most common misconceptions about refurbished products is that the lead time will be longer than buying new products directly from the OEM. At TXO, we have access to parts when availability from OEMs is constrained. When and where possible, we will dispatch orders immediately on receipt of a purchase order.

6. Extend the life of your existing telecoms network

When you’ve invested in a telecom network, you want it to last as long as possible. Buying extra parts and spare refurbished components maximises the life of your network, circumventing the repair process and keeping your business running like clockwork. It also means that your expensive investment won’t just be scrapped when newer versions render the older versions end-of-life (EOL). The ability to replace a specific piece of kit with the same model means that calibration, management and installation can be a lot easier, than if you were to replace it with a different brand or model (which might not be compatible).

7. Environmentally-friendly

If your business is considering how to reduce the amount of e-waste it generates, you should consider purchasing refurbished equipment. Switching to pre-owned and refurbished telecoms hardware helps support the environment and means doing your part to help reduce the ever-increasing volumes of e-waste being generated every year. The manufacturing processes used in the production of new equipment impacts the environment, so it is better to reuse when possible. Every refurbished line card, router, switch or server you buy is one less piece of equipment going to waste, helping your business to support the circular economy, reduce its carbon footprint and be more sustainable.