The green market (also known as the ‘secondary telecoms market’ or the ‘used telecommunications market’) is the distribution of refurbished, used, recycled, discontinued or new products that are in good working condition. They are sold through resellers such as TXO Systems, and sometimes through the original equipment manufacturers. TXO are specialists in recovering new and used telecoms equipment for re-use or resale, providing a lower cost and sustainable alternative to buying new goods from standard distribution channels. You can read all about our telecoms refurbishment process here.

The green market is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of current systems that are in need of replacement parts that have either been discontinued, the manufacturer has gone out of business or in cases where availability is constrained and parts are hard-to-find. It is also a major resource when a hardware or telecoms network component failure occurs because it is often cheaper and quicker to replace a part rather than to repair it.

The negative effects of over producing new electronics products and disposing rather than utilising existing telecoms equipment has been recognised as ecologically hazardous. Buying green market products is therefore not only very cost effective, but more environmentally responsible than continually replacing network systems with new equipment.

Such concepts are gaining traction globally with organisations such as the European Union setting ambitious targets for re-use among members as part of its framework to develop a more sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient circular economy. Find out more about TXO and the circular economy here.


Take a first step and discover the value in your used telecoms equipment

We have found that many companies have storerooms full of obsolete, legacy, or abandoned gear that is taking up valuable space and is a logistical challenge to catalogue and dispose of. In other cases out of service hardware may still be consuming power and climate control resources.

TXO Systems has a telecoms asset recovery solution designed to meet any brief and delivers both sustainability and commercial objectives. Other benefits are that storage space can be used more effectively for other projects and overhead is not allocated to the storage of items that realistically will never be used.

From the initial opportunity analysis through to telecoms parts sortation, tracking and resale, we will work with you to create a turnkey telecoms network asset recovery program to suit your individual requirements and achieve the highest possible return.