GPON provides a great way to deliver fibre to the home solutions

If you’re an internet service provider (ISP) doing FTTx (fibre to the x), GPON technology allows you to have one fibre from your main data centre out into a neighbourhood, and use a passive splitter to distribute to each house (instead of running fibre from your data centre to each house or having an active device like a switch that needs power). In short, it cuts costs by eliminating the need for extra fibres and/or active distribution devices.

This allows your customers to connect multiple smart systems and consumer devices to the internet from home all at the same time. From gaming to smart TVs, connected lighting systems and beyond, broadband powered by GPON makes homes smarter.

TXO is a class-leading supplier of GPON hardware. Our multi-discipline team and expertise in a broad range of telecom technologies mean we can always find a solution to the most complex of project challenges. Whether you are just starting out as an ISP or you’re already well established we have the knowledge to support your needs. Get in touch with our team to find out more.