What is GPON?

GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) is a medium for delivering data services (including digital TV, internet and phone services) over fibre optic cables.

Take a look at our GPON infographic below to find out how it all works. Here you’ll see that an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) sends a single line of optical light (signal) into a splitter. The splitter contains glass elements that act as a prism to divide (or split) the optical light into multiple identical waves of signals down individual fibres which are connected to an Optical Network Unit (ONU). This is a termination point where the end-user can leverage the signal for work, home and leisure activities.

The output of GPON configurations typically feeds up to 64 unique endpoints, powering multiple FTTx applications with ample capacity and consistent connectivity to ensure the lowest possible cost of ownership. Please contact us to discuss all of your options.

We’re leading suppliers of GPON hardware

Here at TXO, we’re proud to offer a range of high-quality, reliable and cost-effective GPON hardware for our ISP and broadband provider customers. All of our GPON products are backed by a 2-year warranty and are fully compatible with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment. The line consists of two main product types outlined in further detail below: plug & play OLTs and open-use ONUs.

Plug & play OLTsOpen-use ONUs

What are plug & play OLTs?

The plug-and-play OLT (Optical Line Terminal) is a high-performing, active Ethernet aggregation device that serves as a service provider endpoint of a passive optical network. The OLT is beneficial because it replaces the need for multiple layer 2 switches at distribution points, therefore saving costs.

OLTs can satisfy long-distance optical fibre access requirements due to their flexible network mode. These compact devices are convenient and deploy easily as a result of their plug and play capability. In addition, OLTs can be used for “triple-play”, VPN, Enterprise LAN, IP Camera and ICT applications.

What are open-use ONUs?

Open-use ONUs (Optical Network Units) offer high-speed fibre services to global ISPs and service providers. As part of a wider configuration, they deliver triple-play services (data, voice and video over IP) for business and residential users.