Nortel, formerly Northern Telecom Limited, ceased operations in 2009 but leaves a huge legacy in the telecoms world. There is a huge install base of equipment still in service throughout the world including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and China. The platforms which TXO typically holds in stock are displayed in the table below. While it is essential to check stock before ordering a particular item, TXO has one of the largest global inventories held in the UK, USA and Brazil. TXO can dispatch spare parts for these systems immediately with our standard warranty.

As an additional service TXO is also able to perform full functionally testing on most of the platforms listed below within our OEM compliant test lab please contact us for more details.


PlatformLong FormCategory
CPLCommon Photonic LayerDWDM
CS2000Communication ServerPBX
DMS 100Digital Multiplex SystemPTSN
MERS 8600Metro Ethernet Routing SwitchMetro Ethernet
LH1600Long Haul 1600DWDM
OM3400Optical MetroMulti Service
OM3500Optical MetroMulti Service
OM4100Optical MetroSDH Mux
OM4150Optical MetroSDH Mux
OM4200Optical MetroSDH Mux
TN-1CTransport NodeAdd Drop Mux (ADM) STM-1
TN-1XTransport NodeAdd Drop Mux (ADM) STM-1
TN-4XTransport NodeAdd Drop Mux (ADM) STM-4
TN-4XETransport Node (also called 4100)Add Drop Mux (ADM) STM-4
TN-16XTransport NodeSDH Mux for STM-16
TN-64XTransport NodeSDH Mux for STM-64
OM5100Optical MetroWDM
OM5200Optical MetroWDM
OME6500Optical MetroPacket Optical
Optera 1600GOPTeraMulti service inc DWDM
Optera DXDX Optical SwitchCross connect at POP site
Optera HDXOptical SwitchCross connect at POP site & Multi Service
Optera MOR+Long Haul 1600DWDM
Passport MSS 7000Multi Service SwitchATM and Multi Service
Passport MSS 15000Multi Service SwitchATM and Multi Service
PASSPORT MSS 20000Multi Service SwitchATM and Multi service
S12000BTS indoor/outdoorGSM
S18000BTS indoor/ outdoorGSM/UMTS
S80000BTS indoor /outdoorGSM

TXO is a completely independent re-seller and has no association with Nortel or related organisations.