Newbridge Networks was a Canadian company that ran from 1986 through to 2000 when it was purchased by Alcatel Lucent. The company’s products were initially focused on ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) and then subsequently moved into the routing and switching domain. Newbridge Network products are still widely used in Europe, the Commonwealth and the USA. TXO typically holds stock belong to the platforms displayed below. Please check at the time of ordering for the latest pricing and availability.


PlatformLong FormCategory
3600Mainstreet 3600 familyBandwidth Manager ATM
7270 MSCMulti Service Concentrator formerly 36177Edge Services Switch
7470 MSP7470 Multi Service PlatformMSPP (subsequently Alcatel portfolio)
7670 RSP7670 Routing Switch PlatformRouting Switch (subsequently Alcatel portfolio)
36120Narrow Band MuxMux
36243624Intelligent Channel Bank
3630Primary Rate MuxMux

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