Lucent was an innovative American multinational telecoms company which was formed from the AT&T research division in 1996 and in 2006 was merged on an equal basis with Alcatel SA of France. There is a significant quantity of Lucent equipment still in service globally and TXO is very well positioned to support this install base with a comprehensive range of spare parts in stock. The table below displays the main platforms which TXO typically stocks. TXO’s stock is held in both Europe and USA in order to provide the best service to our customers. Please check at the time of ordering for the latest pricing and availability.


PlatformLong formCategory
1643 AMSAccess Multiplexer SmallSTM-1 MSPP ( Multi Service Provisioning Platform)
1655 AMUAccess Multiplexer UniversalEthernet and TDM based traffic
1663 ADMUAccess Multiplexer UniversalMulti-Service for STM 1, 16 and 64
1675 LambdaUnite1675 LambdaUniteMulti-Service switch ADM and Cross Connect
5ESSClass 5 Telephone Electronic Switching SystemPSTN / CO
WaveStar TM & AM1STM MuxCompact STM-1 Mux
WaveStar ADM 4/1Add/Drop MultiplexerSTM-4 Mux
ADM-16/1Add/Drop MultiplexerHigh Capacity STM-16 Mux
WaveStar 10G ADMAdd/Drop MultiplexerMux for 10G/ OC-192/
AnymediaAccessADSL access
GX 550GX 550Multi Service WAN switch for ATM and IP/MPLS
OLS400GOptical Line SystemDWDM
OLS800GOptical Line SystemDWDM
PSAX 4500PacketStarMedia Gateway Multi Service, used in the Mobile / Wireless network
StingerLucent STGRDSL and ATM for access network
WaveStar DACS 4/4/1Digital Access and Cross Connect SystemCross Connect
WaveStar OLS 1.6Tsame as OLS 400G/ 800GDWDM
Mod cellModular Cell BTSFor CDMA and UMTS

TXO is a completely independent re-seller and has no association with Lucent or related organisations.