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Ericsson is a Swedish multinational company that was founded in 1876 and provides solutions across the complete range of telecom domains. TXO has a substantial stock holding for spare parts across this product range including AXE10 for public switching/PSTN, mobile/wireless networks including core and RAN and Optical transmission (formerly Marconi portfolio). The below table is a guide to the Ericsson platforms that TXO typically stocks. Please check at the time of ordering for the latest pricing and availability.

PlatformLong formCategory
AXE-10AXE-10PSTN/ CO. Also used as HLR, MSC, BSC, RNC
Mini-LinkMini LinkMicrowave Radio / Backhaul
RBS 2106Radio Base Station 21062G BTS high capacity for outdoor deployment
RBS2116Radio Base Station 21162G BTS high capacity for outdoor deployment midi
RBS2202Radio Base Station 22022G BTS low capacity for indoor deployment
RBS2206Radio Base Station 22062G BTS high capacity for indoor deployment
RBS2216Radio Base Station 22162G BTS high capacity for indoor deployment midi
RBS2302Radio Base Station 23022G BTS micro
RBS2308Radio Base Station 23082G BTS micro
RBS2309Radio Base Station 23092G BTS micro
RBS3101Radio Base Station 31013G BTS low capacity for outdoor deployment
RBS3106Radio Base Station 31063G BTS high capacity for outdoor deployment
RBS3202Radio Base Station 32023G BTS low capacity for indoor deployment
RBS3206Radio Base Station 32063G BTS high capacity for indoor deployment
RBS3308Radio Base Station 3308Main – Remote for medium capacity
RBS3518Radio Base Station 3518Main – Remote for medium capacity
RBS6102Radio Base Station 61022G/3G/4G BTS for outdoor deployment
RBS6202Radio Base Station 62022G/3G/4G BTS for indoor deployment
RBS6601Radio Base Station 66012G/3G/4G Main- Remote
BSCBase Station Controller2G core network element
RNCRadio Network Controller3G core network element
EVO Controller  (8200)EVO Controller4G core network element
SGSNServing GPRS Support NodeCore network element
MHL3000Marconi Multi-HaulMulti Service DWDM previously Marconi
OMS 1200Optical Multi Service 1200Ethernet and TDM via SDH
OMS 1600Optical Multi Service 1600MSPP
OMS 3200Optical Multi Service Core SwitchMulti Service Transport Platform MSTP
OMS 800Optical Multi Service 800MSPP for customer premise (CPE)

TXO is a completely independent re-seller and has no association with Ericsson or related organisations.

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