Size does matter

When it comes to telecoms asset management warehouses, size really does matter. With over 135,000 Sq Ft/12,500 m² across our global locations, we take pride in the considerable space TXO provides. Our huge sites enable us to stock thousands of parts comfortably, and to offer an extensive choice of inventory for our customers. In addition, our warehouses are a massive benefit to our asset recovery services. The vast area enables us to recover consignments from individual parts, cabinets, chassis and more large-scale items. Our global operations are supported by an experienced warehouse team that provide efficient inventory management solutions to ensure that all stock is organised and well supervised. Follow this link to learn how our spare parts management services could help your business.


Our warehouses

Asset management


Size in sq.ft         

UK 100,000
USA  22,000
Brazil 11,000


Chepstow is our global headquarters, based in the UK, and our biggest site. The warehouse is a total of 100,000 sq. ft. and is overseen by our Operations Manager, Matthew Robinson. Following this we have a warehouse in  Maryland, USA which totals at 22,000 sq. ft. Lastly is our Brazil warehouse, measuring at 11,000 sq. ft.

Organisations in the past have had concerns buying equipment from international suppliers for fear of buying the wrong product or bad customer service for example. At TXO, we alleviate these concerns with all of our warehouses working together, making it easy to move equipment from one country to another. Collaboration as one unit ensures efficiency and builds trust especially with international customers.


Want to see us in person?

If you’d like to see TXO’s warehouses for yourself, contact us today to arrange a tour of our facilities. Not only will you get a guided tour around our warehouses, but you will also get the chance to visit our TXO Optics testing lab if you choose. We love having customers in to see what we do, so don’t be shy!



With all this space, TXO seeks to maintain the highest levels of certifications and memberships in the telecom network infrastructure industry. To find a list of our certifications and memberships, click here.