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Discontinued telecoms specialists and suppliers of EOL equipment

Posted in News on 16 February 2018

Inevitably as technology evolves and telecom equipment manufacturers promote the wonders of their latest and greatest offerings, it results in certain products reaching end-of-life status (EOL), which means they are no longer sold by the OEM and may not be supported directly by the manufacturer. That’s where we come in. One of the many benefits of being a new & used telecoms network asset management specialist is that we are able to supply discontinued telecoms platforms (and spare parts that are sustainably sourced) long after the initial end-of-life announcement.


How we source discontinued telecoms equipment

Whenever telecom equipment gets discontinued, many of the world’s most progressive network operators want to offload what they see as old kit even though that particular equipment is working fine. They come to TXO Systems for true end-to-end asset management solutions that monetise the items that they no longer need, rationalise their warehouse overstock and unlock new revenue streams.


Our telecoms asset management related services include:

  • Telecom network asset valuation
  • Telecom network de-installation and decommissioning
  • Telecom asset management reporting
  • Telecom spare parts management
  • Telecom network asset redeployment and resale
  • Data-wiping with the highly acclaimed Blancco data erasure software
  • Telecom recycling and precious metal recovery


As a result, TXO Systems has a wealth of equipment for discontinued telecom platforms in stock and in good working condition (in some cases it is completed unused), ready to be dispatched same day. If you have telecoms equipment you no longer need, simply upload a parts list in Excel format and our team will respond to you within 1 business day.


How reliable is discontinued telecoms equipment?

Selecting the right partner is imperative. When you buy discontinued telecoms platforms with TXO, you can rest assured your equipment will last for years to come. We take care of our stock (and our customers!) by handling all parts in completely ESD safe environments. ISO quality certified, we are so confident about our new, used and refurbished products that every item comes backed by the TXO Certified Warranty for your total peace of mind. Thanks to our rigorous telecom equipment refurbishment process, carried out in our OEM-audited facility, our used hardware appears ‘as good as new’ and our return rate is less than 1%. Any product not passing our stringent quality control standards will not be dispatched.


We don’t use refurbished equipment in our network

This is a common misconception. We know this because TXO has extensive customer and supplier relationships with end users (from a wide array of disciplines including telecommunications, data centres, oil & gas, government, educational institutions, healthcare organisations and utilities), network operators, and specialist brokers. Our clients include Tier 1 and 2 fixed and mobile operators, leading original equipment manufacturers, large enterprises and a broad range of other channel partners who all breathe new life into discontinued telecom equipment to maintain their fixed line and mobile networks.


More information

To learn more about our discontinued telecoms stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively please feel free to browse our telecoms infrastructure catalogue for more information.



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