Many areas of the telecoms operators’ business are becoming mature markets and as a result management focus is increasingly on cost control. Traditional telcos also face competition from a variety of tech driven challengers as well as increased regulatory pressure. In response to these challenges TXO has developed a suite of products and services with the operator in mind, most notably telecom asset management & recovery.

On-site dismantling services designed to help the operator both generate revenue from re-selling and recycling out of service telecoms hardware while at the same time generating significant environmental and economic benefits from reduced power and climate control spending.

Moving telecommunications equipment stores out of expensive “dark storage” facilities and into a managed warehouse solution with TXO’s telecom asset management i-TRAC™ software, where needed parts can be called off for internal re-deployment and unwanted ones can be sold to other Telco’s to generate an income for cash or credits.

Provision of refurbished telecoms parts for sparing and capacity upgrades at a fraction of the cost of new supply reducing OPEX expenditure. TXO’s inventory of multi-vendor telecom network parts is probably the most comprehensive found anywhere in the world, and covers every domain including optical transmission, carrier ethernet, core routing, access in fixed line and mobile networks as well as data centre and security devices.

The area of optical transceivers is increasingly in focus for procurement teams because they know that it is possible to move away from traditional channels and seek an equivalent alternative where the cost savings are considerable. TXO’s range of compatible optical transceivers has been designed with the needs of the telco in mind and offers equivalent quality at a substantially reduced cost.

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