The oil and gas sector presents a unique set of challenges from harsh physical environments to technical challenges around the intelligent surveillance and monitoring of production. In addition organisations in the oil and gas sector must gather data pertaining to the physical world and then quickly analyse it in order to make important production and exploration decisions. TXO Systems enables the oil and gas sector to overcome these challenges through the construction of technically sound network infrastructure and strategic economically and environmentally driven telecoms asset management solutions. TXO’s supply of optical transceivers for oil and gas networks has been fundamental to the success of a variety of leading companies globally.

ICT is increasingly central to the transformation of the oil and gas industry and can now make a significant impact on company performance. With present raw material price challenges this becomes all the more important.

TXO’s range of compatible optical transceivers are manufactured to the same quality standards to that of OEM supply but at a fraction of the cost, helping to drive down cost and increase performance in this most demanding of industries. TXO is uniquely positioned for this task because our telecoms testing lab can replicate the client network and our skilled engineers  can develop customised optical transceivers specifically designed to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry.

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