Data centre providers are growing rapidly driven by the digitisation of services by governments and corporates. In addition more and more enterprises are moving their applications into the cloud in order to gain speed, efficiency and access across multiple devices. Add into the mix social media and video and it is easy to see why data centres themselves are growing rapidly (as well as connectivity to the data centre via 100G optical networking).

TXO is well positioned to provide telecoms asset management for the data centre sector and particularly for supplying optical transceivers for data centres. We provide a variety of optical transceivers for data centres including QSFP and QSFP28 available at a greatly reduced cost when compared to OEM supply. What’s more, TXO’s range of optical transceivers are fully tested to ensure that they are compatible with the intended host system at TXO’s 5,000 sq. ft. / 500 m² telecoms testing laboratory. Optical transceivers from TXO are available in stock from both our European and US locations in order to ensure good availability and competitive pricing. TXO’s range is MSA (multi-source agreement) compliant which means that the transceivers conform to internationally agreed standards. TXO’s range encompasses all form factors including CFP, SFP, SFP+ and XFP.

Data centre clients also rely on TXO Systems to decommission and securely process out of service telecoms hardware equipment as part of their asset recovery service. Not only is this activity compliant in terms of WEEE and data, it also returns significant value back to the customer.

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