Experts in secure system integration

Here at TXO, we have a deep knowledge of the needs of the UK’s utility sector, including DNO (Distribution Network Operators), from a telecoms perspective.

We are specialists in the design and implementation of telecom networks for SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). This includes a broad range of transmission mediums including VHF and UHF radio, fibre, cable, IP and microwave. The aim is to provide our utility customers with appropriate control, measurement and telemetry over the plant and equipment deployed in the field. Specifically, utilities wish to modernise their legacy telecoms architecture, underpin their evolution to smart grids and evolve to an all IP solution.

Organisations in this sector have specific needs to which we are aligned. This includes regulatory demands and the need to deliver on promises made to the regulator. In addition we are compliant with the very high health and safety culture prevalent in such organisations as well as delivering networks with excellent redundancy and resilience built in. Network security is also of great importance due to the role played in the nation’s infrastructure.


We have a good understanding of the function of the RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) provided by manufacturers such as ZIV and often partner with these organisations to provide the telecom connectivity to the RTU. Also many organisations face skills shortages as experienced engineers retire from service and our team can bridge this gap as an outsourced and flexible solution.

Smart grids

The evolution to smart grids is underway and we are playing our part by delivering the telecoms element. It has been said that in time smart grids will have a similar effect to the advent of the internet on energy production, transmission and consumption. The benefits to consumers of smart grids are as follows:

  • Gives consumers more control
  • More efficient transmission
  • Faster restoration after outages
  • Reducing operational costs for operators which results in consumers saving money on bills
  • Reduce peak demand which will also lower bills
  • Better integration of renewables, including customer-owned equipment
  • Added security

Supporting the Distributed ReStart Project

We are also consulting with the industry on how to achieve Distributed ReStart of the entire national grid. This includes the part to be played by renewables such as offshore wind production which is starting to make a significant contribution.

We offer the following critical services to the utilities industry:

  • IP modernisation & smart grid solutions in a SCADA setting
  • Specialist equipment supply
  • Consulting projects
  • SCADA network design and build
  • Networking and monitoring using 4G cellular router
  • VHF/ UHF install and commissioning
  • Field maintenance
  • Engineering support
  • Logistics and configuration management
  • Document management
  • Cyber security