Delivering first class, end-to-end support for telecom networks

We provide specialist telecom engineering services to the transport industry and we have sound relationships with major organisations working in aviation, maritime and highways. Key clients of note include NATS (National Air Traffic Services), Network Rail and SNCF who are operators of railway infrastructure. We hold Achilles membership in order to provide services to clients within the transport, utility and oil, gas and renewables industries.

Looking at the transportation sector from a telecom perspective it will be apparent that there is a unique and specialist set of requirements in terms of equipment types, regulatory compliance, health and safety and network resilience and redundancy. These are areas that we are closely aligned with.

Our experience in this sector goes beyond network design and build however. In relation to our telecom repair centre we are already supporting operators of railway infrastructure with repair of legacy Nokia transmission equipment such as ACM2 and XMP1. In addition the Nokia (formerly Alcatel Lucent) 1511 MAX and BA systems are widely used in railways for cross connect and access and we provide repair of individual cards for this system for UK and European railway operators.

The mobile standard GSM-R is also still used for signalling in the railway industry and we are also able to support in cases where repair or replacement is required.

So if you are working in transportation and have needs for telecom network design and build, network maintenance, spare parts management and logistics or telecom repair or replace, you will be in good company. Whatever you’re trying to achieve with your specialist telecommunication network, we’re ready to help. Talk to our experts today.