The concepts of sustainability and the circular economy have been at the heart of what we do ever since our company was founded in 2005. We are proud to be a business that helps others be more sustainable. Adopting sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant impacts in the long run.


How we help companies address their sustainability goals

Increasingly, customers want our help to reduce the amount of network waste they create, to re-use and recycle as much as possible, and to minimise the amount which ends up in landfill. Whether to mitigate risk, create new opportunities, reduce operating costs or improve brand reputation, we help companies address their sustainability goals and take control of their resources in a way that creates value and helps the environment.

We know that a large amount of steel, aluminium and other precious metals go into the making of our customers’ network equipment and we do our utmost to ensure that this doesn’t go to landfill. When network equipment is decommissioned, we dismantle it and screen individual parts for reuse. If market value remains, the equipment is sold to other end users, bringing telecommunications to developing and emerging markets. Waste is not an option for us. Equipment that cannot be reused or resold is broken down into different WEEE and non-WEEE recycling streams, and any hazardous material is removed.

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Responsible recycling programs

TXO Systems provides fully audited and sustainable re-use and recycling programs that facilitate whole lifecycle management for telecommunications and data equipment.

  • Every year our recycling activities keep over 2,400 tonnes of waste material out of landfill.
  • We currently recycle over 98% of all materials recovered with the aim of achieving a 99% target.
  • We hold AATF status (Approved Authorised Treatment Facility), are registered with the leading compliance schemes and licensed by the relevant bodies to ensure full compliance with WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and hazardous waste legislation.
  • We provide our customers with financial and recycling reports, backed by a complete audit trail for all parts received – contributing to their corporate responsibility (CSR) programmes.