TXO Systems recognises that our people, values and processes will power our success. By modelling our quality system after the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality management standard, we are focused on creating a culture of continuous improvement.

The people at TXO Systems are dedicated to achieving a high level of customer satisfaction through the delivery of products and value-added services. From our perspective, there are 7 key principles that allow TXO Systems to achieve this goal:

  1. Best Inventory. Maintain the largest and most complete inventory of green market telecoms equipment
  2. Best Systems. Provide customer-led, value-add asset tracking and inventory management systems
  3. Best People. Maintain the highest levels of green market knowledge & expertise
  4. Best Infrastructure. Maintain flexible and scalable warehousing, processing & recycling facilities, aligned to our customers’ needs
  5. Best Products. Offer high quality green market parts of known provenance backed by a comprehensive product warranty
  6. Best Customer Service. Provide dedicated account managers for all customers, contact us today
  7. Best Standards. Adhere to all relevant quality, security & environmental certifications