TXO Systems understands that its employees are the company’s most vital resource and recognises their importance in making the company successful.

TXO Systems fosters an environment where our employees are able to grow and develop in a safe and secure environment free from harassment, bullying and discrimination. Furthermore it encourages an open and honest culture with employees. As such communication channels which are appropriate to our business have been developed to facilitate this.

As a minimum standard TXO Systems meets all legal requirements within all jurisdictions in which we operate. In addition other benefits are available such as social events and ability to influence future plans and strategy and continuous improvement via formalised employee groups and meetings. Additionally, recruitment procedures avoid the employment of under-age staff and ensure that we uphold our commitment to equal opportunity.

TXO Systems promotes wellbeing through initiatives and a comprehensive health and safety programme certified to OSHASA18001 standard. In addition TXO Systems has established a number of HR and Health and Safety policies to protect employees and its business.