CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. It aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical. This means taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights.


Why is CSR important to organisations?

TXO Systems believe that being socially and environmentally responsible is not only good for people and the planet, but it is also essential to the long term sustainability of our business. Our CSR strategy focuses on the areas that are most important to our business and stakeholders. These are our people, sustainability, quality, governance and ethics, the environment, society and charities and volunteering.

To demonstrate our commitment to CSR, TXO Systems has its practices externally audited and accredited by EcoVadis, a global independent rating agency that specialises in corporate social responsibility. You can learn more on our certifications page.

For more information about the CSR principles guiding our business, please click the links below.