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Here at TXO we love a challenge. So when we were asked to source, stage & build a fully operational OSN Huawei 8800 system from scratch to test all elements of the platform, we didn’t blink! The secondary telecoms market is a wonderful place.


Our customer, a multinational company in the telecommunications industry, uses the OSN Huawei 8800 in their network, which is now out of warranty and out of support from the OEM. They wanted to gain the intellectual information necessary to support the existing OSN Networks. This included developing a working solution for repair, test, trial and training.


Firstly, our team of networking product sourcing experts were able to source a Huawei 8800 chassis along with multiple cards from the secondary market. Following this, we manufactured the communication leads for command line interface to enable shelf software control. The appropriate software level was sourced to enable us to build the complete system. After this, our expert development engineers taught themselves the control of the user interface. The command line menus were studied and self-taught too. We were then able to create a comprehensive set of documentation and a white paper for the client, detailing every element of the test process step-by-step.


Once we built a working system, we carried out commissioning and traffic testing to prove functionality of the system. This proved to us that we had a fully operational OSN Huawei 8800 system to test all elements of the system on.

Product/service used

  • Product sourcing
  • Staging and configuration
  • Equipment testing