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What’s not to like about reliable high speed communication networks? We think it sounds pretty good too. Here you’ll see how a multinational telecommunications company uses our QSFP28 transceivers to advance their 100G network globally.


Our client was looking to partner with a supplier that could offer low-cost, reliable optical transceiver units with powerful lasers to build out its global 100G Ethernet network into new territories. The client’s pain points with its current OEM supplier were long lead time issues and high costs.


Our team was able to uncover the problems that the customer was facing and tailor a solution. We began with a discovery phase within a simulation of the client’s host system to scope out how the client would benefit from QSFP28 LR4 and ER4L products. After the initial sampling phase, the products were approved by our senior engineering team before deployment.

To reduce lead times and guarantee supply, we held buffer stock for the client and were able to ship on demand enabling a far more agile supply chain system that was initially provided by their existing vendor.

Here at TXO we have our own carrier-grade line of optical transceivers manufactured by the same tier 1 manufacturers that supply to all the major vendors. Additionally all of our own branded optical transceivers are backed up by a comprehensive advance replacement warranty.

To take reliability and quality even further, our skilled engineers carried out 100% pre-testing of the optical transceiver samples. The complimentary validation service sets the gold standard in optical transceiver testing for ALL form factors, vendors and platforms and goes over and above the level of testing that OEMs and other major vendors can offer.


Through our partnership, the client was able to carry out their global network expansion objective whilst saving time and money. Their engineers received top quality support from our in-house technical team throughout the process and have come to rely on us for cost effective products and a personalised approach to product design.

More information

For more information on how we can help you with your low-cost 100G Ethernet network expansion projects, please contact us. Datasheets are available on request.