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Even world-leading telecommunications companies call in the experts to monetise the excess and obsolete parts of their network. If you have truckloads of un-audited stock, see how our total waste management solutions can help.


Our client needed a firm with a reputation they could trust. While their existing partner had professional standards of working and would process their WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment), they did not offer an end-to-end service. As a result, the client would end up using its own valuable resources to carry out de-installation, breaking down and sorting of the components of the redundant kit. As this was an impractical use of time and resource, the client needed an end-to-end service partner that could complete the de-installation, collection, secure storage, resale, recycling, disposal and reporting of their kit.


Taking a fully consultative approach to firstly understand the client’s needs, our team was able to deliver a turnkey solution that simplified the process of retiring the client’s legacy network. This concept suited the customer and provided them with a fully managed solution from a single invoice. This ensures that maximum residual value is recovered – whether through resale, reuse or recycling. The revenue that was generated funded the entire project and resulted in surplus credit. This credit could be used by the customer to purchase new parts to maintain and expand the network.

As part of our solution, we de-installed, catalogued and stored all of the recovered materials in its regional warehouse until sold or recycled. We gave the client complete visibility and a documented audit trail of the whole process through i-TRAC – our secure online platform for customers to access information on inventory status, stock valuation, live sales data, call backs and total revenue generated.

Under our asset recovery consignment model, all parts remained the client’s property until sold or recycled. This meant the client was able to call back parts from the catalogued stock in i-TRAC if needed. The portal gave visibility on stock that they didn’t know was available for redeployment. This meant that they were able to put select parts back into service for capacity expansion, maintenance, spares and/or repair avoidance.


With our solution, the whole process was streamlined. We saved the customer’s internal resources and enabled them to generate the highest possible revenue.

OPEX costs were reduced by eliminating warehousing costs of obsolete inventory and obsolescence costs were minimised by converting legacy assets into re-usable inventory, raw material or cash. Through close consultation, we helped the customer to identify new business recycling opportunities, divert material from landfill and achieve their environmental targets.

Total asset recovery sales over the period exceeded £2,000,000, returning cash to the client that could continue to be invested in innovation and the development of future solutions for the many industries it serves.

Our sales presence, insight and intelligence has enabled us to gain a good understanding of market conditions and receive significant returns on the equipment consigned to us. We continue to add value to our reverse logistics processes year-on-year and our strong account management team are always on hand when required.

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We offer a flexible approach that can suit any customer needs. All of our asset recovery services are available either individually or packaged into a turnkey solution. For more information please reach out to our team.