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Championing the vast benefits of refurbished telecom hardware is something we’re wild about. Whether it’s the easy, affordable option it provides or the fact it keeps critical networks functional for longer, we’ve put our heart & soul into being the No. 1 alternative to the OEM.


Prolonging the life of an existing legacy network can be of vital importance to telecommunication operators where the expiring lifetimes of equipment challenges the continued operation of their network. Without the right expertise, inventory and connections, sourcing high demand parts has the potential to be costly and lead times can be unacceptable. When a leading telecom operator decided to use an alternative source to OEM supply and avoid the necessity to enter into long term or captive contracts, they wanted a partner that could genuinely help keep their operations consistent and productive.


Our solution started with meeting the client’s major internal stakeholders at their headquarters and asking questions to uncover their biggest pain points. Through this consultative approach we were able to quickly understand exactly which parts the client was finding most difficult to source and identify items with the highest costs, lead times and failure rates.

To swiftly identify the equipment that met the client’s needs we exploited our own multi-vendor inventory of 1 million parts – one of the world’s largest and most complete inventories of fixed-line and mobile telecoms infrastructure. This left a small number of items for us to source from the wider market. When trying to source equipment, we have support from our channel partners across nearly 70 countries offering us access to a further 8 million parts. This makes us well-qualified to negotiate the purchase of sourced assets for clients in addition to selling them.

The sustainable, streamlined program that was implemented leverages our buying power, knowledge of product availability and market sources to provide the client with all the equipment they need to maintain and expand their network. High stock availability and quick turnaround times enable the shipping of same-day replacements to help minimise network downtime and provide mission critical support for legacy/EOL equipment.


Our team helped the client prolong the life cycle of our customers’ existing legacy network and in under two and a half years they made circa £40m in cost savings.

Through our partnership, we’ve also helped significantly reduce lead times and provide mission critical support for legacy/EOL equipment. Furthermore the operator now relies on us to determine whether or not to perform repairs on old parts, based on our evaluation of the client’s stock, turnaround time, cost and availability.

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Please reach out to us to find out how our team can help you source new and refurbished telecom equipment to support your network.