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This is a great example of where our clients see the proven effects of ultra-long distance SFPs improving the speed of information transfer between remote locations. To speak to us about your project needs, please get in touch.


The client –  a major exploration & production (E&P) company within the oil and gas industry – was seeking a new optical transceiver partner to improve data transfer speeds for its field data between remote locations based at sea.

Their existing optical transceiver vendor could only supply SFP/XFP to a range of 70 to 80km. This resulted in them having to incorporate costly repeaters/drop-offs which caused slow data transfer speeds and exposed the network to risk. While reliability has always been an extremely important criteria for the company, delays and service outages with their last supplier were not uncommon.


Working closely with technical leaders across several of the client’s business units, our team was able to get a complete understanding of the client’s unique network landscape and create a simulation of the client’s host system. As a result, we developed a unique range of ultra-long distance SFPs which were proven to span distances up to 120km, delivering upwards of 10G to meet the client’s need to improve data transfer speeds.

Here at TXO, we have our own carrier-grade line of optical transceivers manufactured by the same tier 1 manufacturers that supply to all the major vendors. Additionally, all TXO branded optical transceivers are backed up by a comprehensive advance replacement warranty.

As part of the quality validation methods we use to guarantee the quality of our products, our engineers carried out 100% pre-testing of the optical transceiver samples within a simulation of the client’s host system.

The client opted to dial-in to our leading-edge ESD test laboratory to monitor, review and assist during this phase and were very satisfied with the full test report supplied.

Next, the client proceeded to trial the transceiver samples in both non-critical and critical areas of their live environment, receiving full engineering support from our team throughout. Once the parts had passed all of the necessary tests they were cleared for general application release.


Over the course of the project we supplied significant volumes of ultra-long distance optical transceivers to support the specific dynamics of the client’s network. By partnering with us, the client turned the challenge of improving transfer speeds of its field data information between remote locations at sea into significant cost savings and improved reliability to enhance its core business.

By enabling the client to design-out unnecessary points-of-presence, repeaters and drop-offs it saved them millions of dollars in switches, amplifiers and remote facilities.

The client calculated that through using our ultra-long distance optical transceivers, they would save their company between $5 – $10 million in the first 2 years.

The solution has also led to a happier taskforce, assured in the knowledge that TXO branded optical transceivers are 100% compatible with ALL networking and telecom brands and come backed by our advanced replacement warranty. Our complimentary validation service sets the gold standard in optical transceiver testing and goes over and above the level of testing that OEMs and other major vendors can offer.

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For more information on how our team can help you improve the speed of your information transfer between remote locations, please contact us.