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When it comes to refurbished networking products, it pays to partner with a vendor who can truly help your business grow and differentiate in an increasingly crowded market. In this project we helped our customer avoid new purchases by recertifying their existing equipment. Guaranteed quality and supporting the circular economy? We’re all for it.



Our client, a multinational telecommunications company, consulted TXO in September 2021 about a project to decommission and recertify Nokia RAN equipment with the aim of reusing it for their own redeployments in the future. The equipment concerned was a quantity of 727 highly valuable and sought-after Nokia AMOB and AMIA chassis, containing ASIA and ABIA (Airscale BTS 4G) cards. The de-installation work would be carried out by a given intermediary, and the items would need to be reconditioned by the chosen partner.


Here at TXO, we’re proud to be leaders in telecom network sustainability. We also respect that companies may have existing relationships with de-installation providers. So we love listening to each client’s individual needs and taking on new projects that are of value to them.

Our expert team carried out a rigorous refurbishment process for the client whereby each product was inspected, tested, and repaired (where necessary) to work and look like new. Every item was then lovingly packaged, in accordance with the client specification, into individual ESD-safe boxes with bespoke stickers to detail the product type, part number, serial number, and date of recertification. This allowed our client to reuse their existing assets, safe in the knowledge they were refurbished to as-new condition and fully tested.


We are delighted that the work of our combined team was considered a huge success. It’s projects like these that mean we live up to our global reputation as the No.1 alternative to the OEM.

Our client was able to save more than 90% in costs by recertifying their own equipment and reusing it internally, as opposed to spending money on sourcing externally.

Although we can’t disclose the exact figure, the amount saved could buy you a pretty big boat! With incredible savings like this, it’s clear to see the advantages that internal reuse can offer. Especially in situations where telecommunication equipment is costly to buy and/or challenging to source. It follows that reusing equipment provides an easy way to create a more efficient communication network while also supporting the circular economy in the process. A real win-win.  

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For as long as we can remember, the quality of refurbished networking equipment has been a top priority—and a top frustration—for telecom operators. Our team is here day and night to ensure you have the very best assets in your network, at an attractive price point. If you want to find out more about this project or what it’s like to work with TXO, why not get in touch?

Photos from this project

Here you’ll see a number of photos taken at various stages during the certified refurbished service.

Equipment is received in our warehouse



ASIA and ABIA cards were removed from the AMOB and AMIA chassis for recertification tests


AMOB and AMIA chassis get tested, cleaned and packed in individual boxes with a customised sticker



ASIA and ABIA get tested and packed individually in ESD plastics, in individual boxes with foam and a customised sticker 



AMOB and AMIA Chassis, ASIA and ABIA cards to be delivered to the client and redeployed for internal reuse