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Eltek is a Norwegian power electronics company specialising in energy-efficient solutions, including power conversion and management systems. They serve industries such as telecommunications, data centres, and renewable energy. Eltek's products ensure reliable and sustainable power supply, contributing to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in critical infrastructure worldwide. Here you'll discover our comprehensive products and services offering for this OEM, brought to you by TXO, the world’s local partner for sustainable communication networks.

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Here’s some more information we’ve learned over the years about Eltek

Eltek, founded in 1971 in Norway, has been a pivotal name in the power electronics sector. Initially making its mark with pioneering power solutions, Eltek continuously innovated and evolved, adopting advanced technologies and forming crucial partnerships. Stemming from a rich heritage of Norwegian engineering prowess, Eltek’s products consistently prioritise efficiency and reliability. With time, Eltek’s strategic endeavors and technological advancements have solidified its position as an uncontested leader in the global power electronics domain.

At TXO, we take pride in being a leading supplier of a wide range of Eltek equipment, be it legacy systems, refurbished units, or the latest innovations.


Refurbished and new Eltek equipment

Being the world’s leading partner for Eltek equipment, we offer both new and refurbished items at prices that are a fraction of the OEM list price. Our expansive inventory ensures timely delivery, often dispatching parts on the same day an order is placed.

This efficiency minimizes network downtime and guarantees operational continuity. Our facility adheres to ESD and OEM standards and is managed by a seasoned team. Every Eltek component we offer has been thoroughly tested, inspected, and repackaged, all backed by an extensive warranty. TXO stands as a globally recognized and accredited partner for legacy and used telecoms equipment.

Our affiliations span a multitude of esteemed international service providers, OEMs, and system integrators. Turn to TXO for seamless and economical enhancements or maintenance of your legacy Eltek systems and more. We’re unwavering in our commitment to eco-friendly products and services, reflecting our dedication to the circular economy, all while ensuring maximum value for your investment.

Our exhaustive inventory features components from brands like Nokia, Siemens, Marconi, Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, Infinera, and more. With over a million parts readily available and access to eight million more via our brokerage partners, TXO arguably possesses the most extensive telecoms network inventory in the world.


Popular Eltek platforms

As the number one alternative to the OEM, we’re proud to supply and repair a broad spectrum of Eltek platforms. While many of the legacy systems from Eltek continue to receive support from the OEM, there are some that do not. TXO boasts repair capabilities for an extensive range of Eltek platforms, allowing us to furnish shelves tailored to your specifications or provide individual line cards for spare parts requisition.

TXO further augments its services with functionality testing. Our UK-based testing laboratory is equipped with widely used Eltek platforms.

If there’s an Eltek platform you require assistance with but don’t see it listed, please reach out. It’s highly probable that we can help you.


Eltek compatible optical transceivers

At the forefront of innovation in power solutions, we pride ourselves on our expertise in testing and customizing OEM-compatible units, with a keen emphasis on Eltek’s power and energy technologies. Whether your requirements pertain to legacy Eltek systems or the newest technological offerings from the brand, TXO stands poised to manufacture and conduct rigorous testing on any compatible units specifically tailored for your infrastructure.

All Eltek-compatible units are subjected to meticulous evaluation in our state-of-the-art 5000 ft^2 laboratory. This facility is equipped with an extensive range of advanced power and energy systems, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.


Eltek equipment repair

It’s a well-acknowledged reality that no OEM offers indefinite support for their equipment. This becomes particularly evident with OEMs that have assimilated a spectrum of products through mergers and acquisitions, as seen with Eltek’s diverse range. Such circumstances often lead to operational equipment being prematurely discarded as operators find that when equipment starts to malfunction, the original manufacturer doesn’t offer repairs. Seeking support from OEMs for legacy items often isn’t cost-effective or even possible in some cases.

This is where TXO steps in, offering a comprehensive power solutions repair service. Our commitment to operational efficiency sets us distinctly ahead of our competitors. Our focus remains on ensuring your operations get back on track with minimal delay. In this pursuit, we implement several strategic actions:


  • Proactive component replacement: We pre-emptively replace parts known for their vulnerability to failure, significantly reducing the likelihood of future repair needs.
  • Retrofitting alterations: We tackle inherent design flaws, such as components vulnerable to environmental factors, by implementing changes that counteract these issues, guaranteeing you won’t experience repeated repair challenges from the same faults.
  • Advance replacement service: If we have the necessary component in stock, we offer an immediate replacement, avoiding the typical wait associated with repair processes.

Last year alone, we successfully repaired over 12,000 components. With our deep knowledge in handling Eltek’s vast range, TXO’s superior repair facility emerges as a crucial partner in enhancing your power system’s resilience, minimising downtime, and securing notable cost benefits. For comprehensive support, provisioning, and repair solutions for your power solution hardware, TXO is here to help.

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