We take enormous pride in helping our customers improve their network uptime, together with saving them costs & slashing lead times. Here our availability of hard to find multi-vendor parts enabled the global telecom operator to eliminate the need for costly repairs.


A priority for telecom operators prolonging the life of their existing or legacy network is to deliver a high quality service while achieving good shareholder value, which can be challenging when parts in the network fail. Our client, a global telecom operator, was seeking a solution to this problem by avoiding the high cost of repairs and long lead times that they were experiencing, which could be weeks or even months.


Our solution for this particular client was to replace the assets rather than repair. We verified our promise for industry leading stock availability and fast turnaround capabilities by quoting against a customer report of repair costs by part number for the past three years. We issued a quotation in a short timeframe to fulfil the entire order for replacement parts. We were able to fulfil the order using our worldwide inventory and sourcing partners. Using this method we supported the client in cutting out the middleman and eliminating reliance on repair services that outstretched their budget.


Our quick turnaround times and high stock availability of hard to find and end-of-life (EOL) multi-vendor parts resulted in the client receiving mission critical support and same-day replacements to help minimise network downtime.

Over an 18-month period we managed to save the operator tens of thousands of dollars in network maintenance and removed dependency on costly repair and maintenance services. Commercially, our asset replacement strategy saved the customer up to 85% in comparison to the cost of repairing damaged parts. This cost saving can be treated as a CAPEX expense which also benefits the client’s bottom line.

After the success of this project, the client now regularly sends us their requirements. We are proud to be able to source the equipment they need to maintain and expand their network faster and more economically than getting damaged parts repaired. Our evaluation of turnaround time, cost and stock availability makes it easy for our client to make informed decisions over whether or not to commission repairs.

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If you’re unsure whether asset replacement or repair is the right strategy for your telecoms supply chain, please reach out to our expert team for more information.