It was all plane-sailing for this international telco carrier when they switched to using our optical transceivers at one of the main airports in Germany. Check out how we achieved high-speed and reliable connectivity over long distance fibre loops and let us know your thoughts.

Project overview

Here we deployed TXO branded optical transceivers for a leading airport in Germany on behalf of a major international telco carrier that manages large enterprise networks for its customers in the airline and logistics sector, predominantly in Europe and the US.


One of Germany’s main airports needed a high-speed transmission solution to join up hubs sitting outside of the major metro network. The airport sits on the perimeter of the major city network, so it was essential that high-speed and reliable connectivity could be spun-up over long distance fibre loops that connect the key ICT sites together.


With our own carrier-grade line of optical transceivers manufactured by the same tier 1 manufacturers that supply to all the major vendors. Our solution was to deploy TXO branded 100km+ compatible optical transceivers over a 110km fibre ring for the client. This guaranteed that enough speed was on hand to push sufficient capacity to the required hubs.

As a quality and reliability promise, our skilled engineers here at TXO carried out 100% pre-testing of the optical transceivers in our in-house, contemporary lab. The complimentary validation service sets the gold standard in optical transceiver testing for ALL form factors, vendors and platforms and goes over and above the level of testing that OEMs and other major vendors can offer.


Our client was pleased with the stability of performance that our optical transceiver units delivered. Our SFP+ 100km module reached 130km without any assistance from amplifiers and boosters. As a result, this has saved the client from unnecessary spend on other booster / amplification products applications that can deliver 10G over extended resilient networks.

Product/service used

  • Optical transceivers – SFP+ 10G EZR 1550NM 100km C-TEMP