Encrypted IP primary SCADA networks are one of our specialties, so when you’re looking for an innovative and trusted partner TXO is a name you can trust. Here you can find out about one of our latest roll outs. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Project overview

We designed and delivered an encrypted IP primary SCADA network for a major DNO (distribution network operator) in the UK that delivers electricity on behalf of suppliers to millions of domestic and business customers.


Our client, a major UK DNO, required a trusted partner to develop an IP primary SCADA network for its primary substations. The design would be delivered to around 850 primary substations, but readily expandable to 1,000 substations. The principal objective of the project was to replace their current 1200 Baud serial network with an IP network to facilitate the advancements in electricity distribution control and monitoring systems.


Our solution was to deliver a high level and detailed design, supply and installation of an IP-based telecommunications network. We replaced the existing serial telecommunications infrastructure with an IP-based network, providing two diverse telecommunication channels to primary substation remote terminal units (RTUs). We considered one of the channels as the Critical Data Telecommunications Channel (CDTC) and the other as the Backup Channel. Both channels carried sensitive data and therefore security and encryption of the network was key.

For each of the channels, we designed an end-to-end solution, with data encryption in line with Cyber security CIS20 requirements. We developed HLD’s and LLD’s and these formed the network topology. Survey & Installation processes were then written and approved in line with our client’s requirements along with full test and integration plans.

In addition to design, survey, build and equipment procurement, we had overall responsibility for project management, project reporting, reference system and training.


The project was a success with a rollout rate of 40 substations per month. The CDTC has since been used to support the SCADA application. The CDTC is resilient end-to-end against a mains power failure for a minimum of 72 hours. The network has been designed with no single points of failure on the IP nodes and UHF base stations. Wherever there is no internal telecommunications infrastructure provided, the Backup Channel has been designed incorporating end-to-end encryption over 3G and/or 4G networks. All equipment is independent of that used on the critical path.

Product/service used

The complete project is being carried out using our in house teams within the areas of:

  • Project management
  • Project engineering
  • Project governance
  • Dedicated field teams
  • Inhouse warehousing/logistics
  • Account management/escalation
  • Equipment staging