The telecommunications industry is no stranger to mergers & acquisitions. Just as they can help a carrier expand its service offerings, they are also likely to result in duplicated network infrastructure. Here you’ll discover how our specialist asset recovery team helped a major European telecoms operator to take the necessary steps.


As part of the consolidation program, our customer made the decision to close a number of its facilities and needed a partner to help manage the asset recovery process. The customer required a rapid, phased approach with a twelve-week timeframe to remove all equipment, catalogue it and value the assets without supervision.


After a strict vendor review process, the TXO team was selected for the project. We were able to assign a skilled project manager to coordinate the planning of sub-contractors, security clearances, approvals and site permissions. In addition, we gave the flexible option to have a dedicated de-installation team onsite immediately after the migration of traffic/power down.

In a short time frame our team successfully de-installed all sites, returned the equipment to our secure warehousing facilities. Here we proceeded to conduct a full audit of the items using the industry’s most advanced evaluation tools, exclusive to us. The tools take into account the historical sales value and current market saturation levels of each individual unit by part and serial number, enabling us to comprehensively catalogue all of the client’s assets.

The client was given complete transparency to track individual parts from the start of the project through to the point of sale via i-TRAC –  our secure online platform. The platform allows customers to access information on inventory status, stock valuation, live sales data, call back options and total revenue generated.


Thanks to the combination of expert de-installation project management and our global sales team, we exceeded the operator’s expectations by completing the work over a ten week period. We also exceeded the return in revenue generation quoted to the customer. Results include:

  • 12-week de-installation timeframe, completed in 10
  • Significant cost savings using our in-house de-install team
  • Highest rate of return for equipment resold due to our end-user sales channels
  • Dedicated project manager to oversee all aspects of the project and recovery of the 1,400 cabinets and 36 exchanges

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