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Harnessing solar power, TXO’s roof goes green!

Every milestone in our sustainability journey means so much to us. In an exciting move towards reducing our carbon footprint, we’re thrilled to announce that TXO has recently installed 350 solar panels on the roof of our HQ in Chepstow, UK. Here we talk with Julia Evans (TXO’s Operations Director), to delve into the positive impact this solar panel installation will have on our company and the environment.

How many solar panels have been installed?

There are 350 solar modules, which have been placed in 4 groups across the southern aspects of our site in Chepstow. These are connected to the supporting electrical infrastructure such as the invertors and the relevant AC and DC equipment.

How much renewable electricity will they generate a year?

The system has the potential to generate 135,000 kWh per year, that’s enough electricity to power 2.7 million hours of laptop use!

What % of the site’s annual energy requirement does this represent?

We expect that we will use about 60% of the electricity generated by the system with the remainder being sold back into the grid. The reason for not using all at this stage is principally that we aren’t open at weekends. Monday – Thursday we close at 5pm and on Fridays, we have a 2pm finish. Therefore, a good amount of the generation in the summer months will be outside the time periods when we use the most electricity.

Are your other hubs getting solar panels too?

That’s our ideal outcome. Although it’s more complicated when we rent facilities from third parties and therefore don’t own the building or have a guaranteed tenancy period to make the project viable. We are continuously looking at our existing and potential energy efficiency measures and it’s a key factor for us whenever we bring new property/leases into operation.

What does TXO’s energy consumption and emissions look like?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the group saw its energy consumption increase year on year to a peak of 206 tonnes of CO2 generated in FY19/20. The following year then saw a 25% drop due to reduced travel primarily as operations continued to run through the restrictions with controls in place. As restrictions have eased, the consumption has gone back to close to FY19/20 levels with 198 tonnes of CO2 generated as a result in FY21/22. Therefore, the trend has been relatively level for the two “normal” operating years recently. However, the business has expanded in its operations (such as joining with MMX) in that time and a number of initiatives such as LED lighting have been adopted so it is plausible that real terms CO2 generation has reduced due to modified working practices, use of technology and efficiencies in our infrastructures onsite. We will obtain a truer picture over the next 12-18 months when we have full years of data for FY22/23 and FY23/24. The latter will also include a full year of solar power data. We have expanded our reporting in the last 12 months so we are capturing more information, we will look to retrofit this into preceding years where possible.

Does TXO aim to be net zero by 2040?

Yes, the intention is that the entire UK part of the group will be looking to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Does TXO use any other green energy sources?

Yes, back in 2020 we made the switch to 100% renewable electricity, reducing our electrical carbon footprint to zero. It means that the electricity powering our UK operations comes from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro. All backed by Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs) and independently verified by EcoAct to guarantee that the energy provided is in fact as ‘green’ as it claims.

What steps are you taking on energy efficiency?

TXO’s facilities are designed to be energy-efficient, with initiatives such as LED lighting, motion sensors, and efficient HVAC systems. The company has implemented a “switch-off” policy to conserve energy, whereby employees are encouraged to turn off their electronics and lights when not in use. We are also active in looking to procure energy-efficient plant and equipment where possible when making replacements.

Embracing sustainability & the circular economy

Here at TXO, sustainability and the circular economy are not mere buzzwords; they are principles that guide our every decision. From our internal operations to the support we provide to our customers, we are committed to acting in an environmentally conscious way. If you’d like to hear more about the measures we’re taking, check out our sustainability & us page and the rest of our circular economy content, or get in touch with us for more details.