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Mobile Net Zero: State of the Industry on Climate Action 2022 report

In case you missed the news flash, the GSMA has just published its latest Mobile Net Zero report assessing the state of the industry on climate action.

Oh, and we’ve only gone and got ourselves a mention for helping Telia Company to reach their climate targets by supporting the continued use of resources. Check out page 40 for details 👇



At Telia Company, not only do we provide the backbone of the digital society in the Nordics and Baltics, but we’re also embracing sustainability at the heart of our purpose and strategy. Telia Company is proud to partner with TXO to help our business adopt circular practices and achieve incredible environmental and business results.

Telia Company is working towards a zero waste goal by supporting the continual use of resources. This means adopting TXO’s circular economy services, which include:

  • Identifying, testing and repairing equipment for internal reuse
  • Sourcing and refurbishing pre-owned products for spares and new deployments
  • De-installing surplus items and selling them to other operators
  • Turning to WEEE recycling as a final step in the process


About the report

Covering the risks and opportunities of climate action, carbon emissions of the industry, digitisation and the enablement effect, energy efficiency and mobile connectivity, the transition to renewable electricity, mobile industry supply chain and adaptation and resilience this report is an in-depth analysis of how the mobile industry is doing on climate action.

Find out more over on the GSMA website.